Know better Natalie Mars before you date her

There are more and more trans stars that get popularity in the industry and among porn fans. Natalie Mars is one of these names. Before you meet her, you should know her more and then just enjoy a dating option that is available for her fans!

Natalie was born as a man and she started her transformation several years ago. She has been active in the industry since 2014 but a Natalie Mars booking mode is quite a fresh option. She describes herself as slut and crazy sexual animal and you can just check it on her videos. That’s absolutely true and it causes that there are millions of people who love watching her. She grew up in Arkansas and became famous from her live shows first.

When she made her first video scene, it turned out that she's absolutely great on the screen. She continues her career making new films regularly but recently she has also started something new - and it’s called a Natalie Mars escort mode. Wanna meet her and know her closer? Soon you’ll find out how to do it!

You can just meet Natalie Mars and check what she is like

Natalie is a huge fan of sex and porn but she isn't a good partner for everyone. Her favourite stars are Belladonna, Kelly Wells, Proxy Paige, and Rocco Siffredi - basically anyone who focused heavily on anal sex with big cocks. What's more, she loves Jay Sin's Anal Acrobats series and Japanese porn, live action or illustrated, specifically if it had a BDSM parts included.

Are you kinky enough to spend some time with Natalie? Are you ready to invite her anywhere? If you aren’t afraid a Natalie Mars dating option is waiting for you!

History of Natalie Mars porn and escort career

Natalie describes herself as an exhibitionist and probably because of this she started her career. Initially, she just posted videos and pics on the web. It was only for fun but it transformed into giving camming shows. For a while it was even a full-time job for her. She got quite big popularity and soon after that bigger names of the business started to write to her. She was stressed a little but decided to take a risk. And it was a great decision!

She loves making new for trans pornography things, especially combine them with BDSM. Because of this, for example she also decided to share the option of booking her. Natalie Mars date mode is available now and you can start using it anytime!

It's even scientifically proven that there are a lot of women and men who love trans porn and trans performers. Most of these viewers and fans are heterosexual. It shows that it's absolutely normal to watch or hang out with Natalie Mars and the escort mode allows for that.

Do you want to date Natalie Mars?

The Natalie Mars dating option is extremely easy to get! Are you into her? Do you want to meet her for real? Choose the Natalie Mars booking mode and enjoy yourself!

Now you can be closer to her and not only cum viewing her porn videos but also get more private contact with her and get clips and pics that aren’t available for everyone on big websites. How to do it? Just choose the booking option!

Now you can have a date with Natalie Mars!

Meet Natalie Mars but before you do it - just prepare yourself for a lot of kinky things! For her BDSM is the answer for everything! She loves being submissive and you must understand that. Of course, she is in a relationship but because of her big love for being fucked, she decided to share the escort option with her. She is available for her fans regularly and you must just choose the way to make her pleased. The Natalie Mars date mode is shared with real fans of her. Are you one of them?

Don’t wait any longer, just invite her somewhere! But be aware that she prefers getting dildos than roses! Of course, she can be also sensual if you want but be aware that she loves being dominated, especially by something that is big! What do you want to do with her? She will probably do everything you have been dreaming of!

So if you want to know Natalie better, just choose the option to stay in touch with her and get closer with her private life. You may become a part of it but you must want this! The Natalie Mars escort isn’t only a dream, you may check it! Set up an account and write a message to her! Nobody knows where this journey ends!

With Natalie you will be able to be yourself, you’ll also know all sexual secrets your soul may hide. Don’t be afraid to meet her because she can open many new doors for you. Be dominant and have a hard cock! Fun starts right now!

Natalie Mars Escort Services

Natalie Mars Personal Information
Date of birth February 3, 1984
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 168cm - 5ft 6in
Weight 61kg - 134lbs
Measurements 34A - 28 - 37
Boobs Natural
  • Anal

  • Blowjob

  • Bondage

  • Creampie

  • Cumshot

  • Double Penetration

  • Fetish

  • Fisting

  • Hardcore

  • Masturbation

  • Pissing

  • Romantic

  • Rough Sex

  • Toys

  • Gangbang

  • Orgy

  • Threesome

  • Role Play

Time Incall Outcall
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