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Mia Khalifa known also as Mia Callista, is a Lebanese-American celeb who is now a social media personality, webcam model and sports commentator but who is most famous from being a porn actress. Her pornographic career was short but intense and it causes some controversies too.

She started acting at the end of 2014 and within just few months she ranked to become the most viewed actress on PornHub! But her whole acting in films lasted also only a couple of months. During that time she was wearing the Islamic hijab performing sexual acts and because of this she was in danger from Islamic activists.

If you’re interested in Mia Khalifa escort, you’re in the right place so check how to date her.

Personal and professional life of Mia

Mia was born in Beirut, Lebanon and moved into the USA in 2001. Her family is Catholic and very conservative but she doesn't practice this religion. After September 11 attacks she was harassed at school by others because of her skin colour and roots. Fortunately she finished her education with success, she graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

After graduating, she moved to Miami and was approached to do nude modeling, which she accepted. Mia entered business of porn in October 2014 and her career was very short, lasting only few months. She hot popularity having hijab during a threesome in a BangBros scene. But it were also beginnings of her problems. Thanks to these controversies, with more than 1.5 million views, she became the most searched-for performer on PornHub and she ranked to be the first the most popular model on this website.

Then she also started receiving online death threats and it was one of causes she ended her porn career. She was also a topic of American and Lebanese articles in the web and newspapers that was connected not only with her starring in hijab but also women rights in Lebanon, for example.

In 2016, she told that her porn career had been only 3 months long but the same time she gave regular webcam shows. And now she's also available in an escort mode you can use to date her.

Post-porn Mia’s career

Mia is still popular on various porn websites and additionally now you can use also Mia Khalifa booking option to meet her. But after leaving the business, she started also other activities, not only escort. Now she's a social media personality, celebrity and sports commentator too. She has also her own YouTube channel and streams on Twitch.

You can follow her on Instagram or meet her in real life and go dating with her if you want. Mia is very busy but she has time to be booked by her fans and people interested in dating her.

Curiosities about Mia

Mia is a real fan of Batman and has tattoos connected with Lebanon history and military that is criticized by many people (like usual when we talk about Mia’s actions). Her choices are most often described as silly and reckless.

She has a tribute song released by Timeflies and she’s a big fan of sport, especially hockey. She loves cooking and eating and you can see it on her social media profiles. She cares about her fans that extremely that she has took the virginity of one of her fans! And it explains her popularity in escort.

A history of Mia Khalifa dating life

Khalifa married her high school boyfriend in February 2011. They separated in 2014 and divorced in 2016.

Now Mia is available in the escort mode so she may be single or in an open relationship. It’s hard to determine it but the most important thing is a fact that she’s available to meet now and you can do it anytime you want.

Mia Khalifa escort options and a way how to date her

Mia is available in a booking options so you can use this mode anytime you want to meet her. She’s still one of the most popular adult stars, a real legend that is hot and nice. It causes that there are thousands of men and women who want to go out with her. You can also be one of them if you want. Interested in Mia Khalifa dating? You can do it! She’s available for her fans because she really appreciate them and their affection!

If you wonder what it’s look like to meet her, you can use the Mia Khalifa escort option and get her anywhere you want. It’s advised to start with a dinner taking into consideration a fact that she’s a foodie. Or you can cook something for her or with her if you want. Being in kitchen with Mia may mean a lot and only you can decide what it may mean to get “hotter" with her. And if you want, your dinner may end the next day with breakfast too!

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Date of birth February 10, 1993
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 158cm - 5ft 2in
Weight 55kg - 121lbs
Measurements 34E - 26 - 40
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