Yes. You are fully protected with STARinbed. We do not share information about you; we ensure complete discretion.

All profiles available on STARinbed are checked and reliable. If any star is available for contact and booking, you will see confirmation in their profile on our website.

If the star is not operating as an escort, you will also be informed accordingly.

Not. As part of STARinbed, you cannot contact the stars. We do not help in contacts, and we do not take part in any stage of communication. The goal of STARinbed is to verify the authenticity of offers available on the web and determine the star profile’s status. For celebrities who meet in the escort option, we recommend contacting them via social media.

No, we are not. STARinbed is an information page that allows you to verify the star status. By status, we mean whether a given star works as an escort or not. As part of STARinbed, we only publish the status of a given star.

STARinbed does not help in contact and does not participate in the discussion, and does not mediate in any way. If a celebrity works as an escort, we encourage you to check their social media for more information.

STARinbed is an informational website, and the use is completely free; we earn on advertising.

If you have found an escort offer online that you are unsure of, please contact us via email and send us this offer. We will check it for you and send you a reply.

Yes, write us an e-mail, and we will check if the star you are asking for works as an escort.

On the STARinbed website, we publish profiles of stars whose dating ad has been found online by our team or based on your messages. If the page on which the advertisement is placed raises our doubts, we inform about it in response to the e-mail and publish a warning on our website.

Escort status is activated only for celebrities who confirm to us by e-mail that they are working as an escort. Therefore, if a star works as an escort and has the Non-Escort status in our profile, it is only because she has not contacted us yet. We require verification to prevent abuse.

STARinbed is an informative website whose main task is to fight unfair escort classifieds. We are not an agency, we do not help in contact. Each star can change their status at any time, just contact us.


As part of STARinbed, we publish profiles of stars for whom we received a question about the availability of the escort option or our script found an unreliable offer on the web. The star profile in STARinbed provides information on a star status escort.

Yes, just contact us via email and submit your proposed changes.

Yes, all you need to do is contact us via email and give us a reason why you want to delete your profile.

STARinbed is an information page; adding a star profile is free. Contact us using your email address.

Yes, we can publish your profile with the appropriate status and links to your social media.

Probably the page where your advertisement was located was considered suspicious. Contact us, we'll change your status.

Absolutely not. If you are the star that provides escort, you can provide your social media channels with which users can contact you. We do not mediate in any stages of communication.


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