Yes, it is. You are fully protected using STARinbed and contacting or booking stars in the escort mode.

All offers available on STARinbed are checked and reliable. If any star is available to contact and book, you can find them on portals they share their personal details.

You can contact with stars via this portal. Stars share here only their offers and they provide also a way how to contact with them privately.

No, we aren’t. We are only intermediaries between you and the stars.

Stars prefer contacting with them via portals such as OneNightFriend, AdultFriendFinder,,, etc. On these portals stars have their private profiles and they use them to contact with fans and to arrange meetings and dates in the booking mode.


You place your ad via contact with us. Check “Add Ads” bookmark and familiarize with the whole process of adding your offer.

Price of placing the ad is always determined based on a package you choose and some other details.

We aren’t any escort agency, we just give you a possibility to place your booking offer. Because o this you must share your personal details with your potential clients and make appointments with them directly.