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Nowadays, it is becoming easier and easier to fall for bogus offers in any industry. The Internet allows you to build trust and use our naivety on various levels. The same applies to the Adult industry, where many people count on the opportunity to meet their idol. The scammers are ruthless and just waiting for our move. For this reason, the STARinbed portal was created, whose main task is to counteract such practices.

As part of our offer, we check and verify fake offers, and also inform you which celebrities work as escorts and which do not. Do you have doubts whether a given offer is real? Maybe you want to ask us if a given star works as an escort? Write to us; we will help you!

STARinbed is not an escort agency itself. We do not provide those services, and we do not arrange meetings. We are an information site that publishes information about celebrities and whether they are really working as an escort. If you are a star and want to inform about your status, write to us! If you are a real escort and want to find clients, take advantage of our offer and add your advertisement with us.

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